Harold Specht for Eastern County Court Judge

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Elect Harold Specht for Eastern County Court Judge


  • -Over 20 years of courtroom experience including the trials of Ashtabula County’s most serious offenders.
  • -Assisted, analyzed, prepared and assigned over 4200 felony cases in 7 years as Chief Assistant Prosecutor (2008-2015)
  • -Personally tried the most serious offenses in Ashtabula County including murder, kidnapping, rape, burglary, assault, child abuse, domestic violence and cruelty to animals.
  • -Advocates for victims of crime and liaison to law enforcement agencies within Ashtabula County.
  • -Currently Ashtabula County Assistant Prosecutor servicing the Western County Court, North Kingsville Village Solicitor and Orwell Village Solicitor.
  • -Vice President of the Ashtabula County bar Association
  • -Proudly served his country in the United States Marine Corps
  • -Veteran of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm
  • -Marine Corps league Member