Michael Pircio For State Representative 99th Ohio District

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Roads. Cybersecurity. Electricity. Internet.

In certain parts of District 99 the infrastructure needs help. If elected not only will Michael fight for the needed funding, but through fresh outside ideas he can help propel the 99th into the future.
Ashtabula and Geauga counties can be the epitome of state of the art with the right leadership. With Michael leading the way, these counties will be.


Filling a gap, employing our future.

In Ohio, there is a labor deficit among the skilled trades. We need to deregulate the schools to the lowest possible locality and allow for partnerships between businesses, unions, and individual tradesmen in order to bring back apprenticeships to our education system. Not only would we be filling a gap, we would be equipping our future with a skill instead of debt. Through tax incentives skilled tradesmen can take a greater role in their communities and enrich a young life in a field that will last a lifetime.


Sustained growth. Less Taxes

As Ohio is hemorrhaging workers and families, Michael’s goal is to create and entice businesses back to Ohio. Through tax abatements, Michael’s plan is to promote business growth by allowing businesses to severely slash their tax bill, if they prove they are growing through higher wages or onboarding of new employees. This would also apply to out of state businesses that would like to set up shop in Ohio. Ohio is a fantastic place to work, raise a family, and enjoy life, through outstanding incentives Michael is positive many others will agree.


For a Brighter Tomorrow

Michael knows the struggles of those with mental illness especially right around the teenage years. Too often our young adults’ problems are ignored due to social stigma or parental pride. We as a community need to come together to educate and be educated on the devastating effects mental illness can have on people’s lives.
Michael will strive for funding to educate educators and parents on the signs of mental illnesses, affordable state run outpatient clinics to get this epidemic under control, and obtain much needed beds in the 99th to help fight the opiod epidemic.