Your polling location will NOT be open during this election.

You can vote from home but you will need to fill out a blank application.

We have set up the following information below so you will receive the number of applications you need delivered for this election.

Use the form to request applications or you can email
with your name, address, contact info email or phone number along with
The number of applications you need sent.

or you can print applications by CLICKING HERE

Fill out all applications and mail them to:
Ashtabula County Board of Elections
8 West Walnut Street
Jefferson, OH 44047

CLICK HERE for a list of endorsed Republican candidates

Make sure to fill out sections correctly on application

SECTION 1: NAME, SECTION 2: DATE OF BIRTH, SECTION 3: YOUR COMPLETE ADDRESS,  SECTION 4: If you want ballot sent somewhere besides what you put in section #3, SECTION 5: last four digits of ss# or drivers license number – 2 letter 6 number id on your drivers license., SECTION 6: Date of Election 4/28/2020, Select PRIMARY then write in the party ballot you want; Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or (check box for issues only,) SECTION 7: Sign it and date it

Select the number of applications you need

Have Donald Trump, Colleen O’Toole and Judge Dave Schroeder Yard Signs delivered to your home CLICK HERE

When America is united, America is totally unstoppable.

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How we can build up Ashtabula County together!

On Election Day, Americans will reject the Democrats’ backwards agenda and stand with millions of people who are passionate about our country. We stand with Republicans who will work with the president to get results. We stand for everyday issues like secure jobs, better education, affordable health care and safer neighborhoods.

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