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The ACRP 1.0 FIRE TV App is a brand new app founded on the principles of free speech, independent thought, and rejecting political censorship, and “cancel culture”. With today’s technology, our goal is to create a place of ideas in order to share freedom and democracy.

As we get closer to every election leading up to 2024 the Ashtabula County Republican Party will be announcing everything we can all do to make sure we continue to keep the democrat’s socialist ideas out of Northeast Ohio!

We have only just begun to give you news and tools to help you keep Ashtabula County and Ohio red.

With the new app, you will get up to the minute-breaking news regarding the Ashtabula County Republican Party,

How to add official apps to Fire TV


Any app installation begins on the Amazon Fire TV Main Menu screen, which you can access by selecting the menu button on your Fire TV remote, and progressing through the detailed steps provided below.

  1. Connect your Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Box to your television of choice.
  2. Browse through the apps available through Fire TV’s app menu, or search for specific ones by selecting the magnifying glass in the top left-hand corner.
  3. Select Install on the app of your choice, and wait for it to finish downloading and preparing.
  4. Select the newly ready app on the main menu.

You can now access and enjoy ACRP TV offered on the Amazon Fire TV service.


The Party Is Everywhere!YOUR PARTY!

Bill Thomas, Cindy Jones Spink, Casey Kozlowski, Angie Cliff, Kathryn Lynn Whittington, Ryan Maki, Harold Specht and Angela Marchese Thomas in Conneaut, Ohio.

The Party That Supports Ashtabula CountyALL OVER ASHTABULA COUNTY

Mya Women's Center Vision Banquet was a packed and uplifting event! Many of our public officials and volunteers were proud to support this extremely important organization in the lives of Ashtabula County's families. Commissioners Kathryn Whittington & Casey Kozlowski, State Board of Education Rep Sarah Fowler, Judge Harold Specht, YR Vice President Jason Keeler & Treasurer Alex Hall, and Board of Elections Chair Isaac Arthur. — with Christina Keeler, Sarah Fowler, Jason Keeler, Levi Cole, Isaac Arthur, Casey Kozlowski, Harold Specht, Alexandria Milette, Martha Yoder and Kathryn Lynn Whittington.

Fair WeekJoin us every year at the Ashtabula County Fair!

Stop out during fair week in the summer of 2020 for all your election needs heading into the important Presidential election!
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– Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.
1-(440) 992-3521
1833 E. 51st Street, Ashtabula, Ohio 44004 - PO BOX 265 Jefferson, Ohio 44047
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