Charlie Frye

for State Central Committee (32nd District)
March 19th, 2024
from 6:30AM to 7:30PM
Ashtabula County Board of Elections
8 W. Walnut St., Jefferson, OH 44047

My Fellow Republicans,

My name is Charlie Frye and I am seeking your vote to represent us on the Ohio
Republican State Central Committee to help ensure the party stays laser-focused on victory this
Fall, and ensuring quality, conservative candidates get properly vetted and then get the support
they need to win elections.

If you’re reading this, then you also believe that the best voter is an informed voter and
thank you for taking the time. I want to tell you about the position, and why it’s so important, but
first let me tell you why I think I’m qualified. I’ve been the Chairman of the Ashtabula County
Republican Party for the last 14 years, unanimously elected and re-elected 4 times now by our
county Republican Central Committee, and during that time have helped move Ashtabula from
a dark blue county voting for Democrats nearly 60% of the time to now voting Republican over
60% of the time. That was a monumental task that required countless hours of hard work by
many volunteers, and I’m very honored to have been entrusted to lead and coordinate this

We were the first county in Ohio to endorse Trump in 2016, and he was the first
presidential candidate to visit our county in living memory. I am also proud to have been
selected to be a Delegate for President Trump at the convention this summer. I have been
endorsed by county-wide elected Republican officials, Ashtabula County Republican Party, State
Representative Sarah Fowler Arthur, State Senator Sandy O’Brien, and Ohio Attorney General
Dave Yost. 

I grew up in Ashtabula and have worked my whole life at the family’s small business,
Frye Sand & Gravel, but have also been a Township Trustee for 16 years, an Ashtabula County
Election Board Member, Chair, Deputy Director and Director of the Ashtabula County Board of
Elections for 14 years, and most importantly married for the last twenty-five years to my wife
Dawn and have 5 children and 4 grandchildren.

The State Central members are the governing body of the Ohio Republican Party. Like our own
county party leadership, the position is unpaid and demanding. They elect the officers of the
state party, weigh in on candidate’s races when needed, hold our elected officials accountable
for their actions, review the bylaws, and amend them as needed. The members also operate as
liaisons to the local party organizations and officials.

I am running for the position of State Central Committee, 32nd District for the first time mainly
because our State Party has been in a state of chaos in recent years and desperately needs
members whose focus is on delivering Ohio for President Trump this November, winning the US
Senate seat as well as growing and uniting our party. I have a 14-year track record of
accomplishing these goals at a high level as Chairman of the Ashtabula Republican Party.
I believe I am the most qualified for this position because I’ve spent the last 14-years donating
thousands of hours to the party and great candidates, running campaigns, and winning over
90% of the races we have run while operating an organization with nearly 100 members and
hundreds of volunteers solely because of love of country and community. On behalf of the
party, I have done hard things like demanding the resignation of our current Prosecutor and

censuring those elected officials who have damaged our brand. Our party has a duty to hold our
elected officials accountable. Under my tenure, we enacted an oversight committee to do
background checks and questioning of those seeking to run for office under our banner. All of
your current county Republican office holders and candidates voluntarily underwent those
checks, the same variety anyone applying for a job might, myself included… all of my opponents
refused. I have the battle scars to show that I’m able to excel at this position, the track record
to be successful, and the background to represent our area Republicans with integrity.  
I would be humbled to have your vote on March 19th.

Charlie Frye
Candidate, 32nd State Central Committee

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