Niel Petersen

for Governor of Ohio
May 3rd, 2022
from 6:30AM to 7:30PM
Ashtabula County Board of Elections
8 W. Walnut St., Jefferson, OH 44047

Niel Petersen for Governor of Ohio

Niel J. Petersen
My name is Niel Petersen and I hope to meet you on the campaign trail for Governor of Ohio. Your voice matters to me! We may not agree on everything, but I hope we can agree on the main things! Real change can only happen when we find agreement, and we can carve a path forward to victory. Ohio needs a win, and we need to win big!

Ohio is not heading in the right direction and I want to lead us towards strength and prosperity. As a Christian and constitutional conservative Republican, I believe there are key issues like freedom and faith that impact all Ohioans. Over the last 18 months, our liberties have been severely compromised due to many of the unlawful Covid-19 mandates. We saw our liberties and our freedom of faith violated and even suspended due to a stated Medical Emergency. Businesses were shut down, churches shut down, and people were filled with fear as our economy crumbled and families stayed inside afraid to leave. This is not acceptable, not for Ohio! I promise to lead our state in these difficult times with your liberties as my top priority. I will not appease our federal government or state officials who refuse to represent the people, Ohio citizens come first! I promise to fight for your freedoms, fight for our families, fight for your faith and fight for a strong Ohio no matter what it will cost me. I need your vote this May because together we can take back Ohio!

Niel J. Petersen has been outspoken about his support for President Donald J. Trump. On Jan 6th, Petersen and a group of Pastors came to pray for peace and to exercise the 1st Amendment right to peacefully protest the election results. He believes that Ohio must overhaul its election integrity to restore confidence to Ohioans.

Niel & Katie will celebrate 20 years of marriage this coming February. They have 3 wonderful girls – Autumn Love, Selah Grace, and Noelle Charity. Autumn is a recent 2021 graduate from Wayne HS, and plans to become a Firefighter. They also have 3 furbabies – Jinger, the Wheaton Terrior; and 2 rescue cats Prince Charming and Dr. Pepper. The Petersens reside in Huber Heights, Ohio, and enjoy Ohio life!

Niel J. Petersen, serves as Senior Pastor at Harvest Revival Center in Brookville, Ohio. Niel is passionate about his faith in Jesus Christ and does not shy away from political correctness nor waters down the Gospel to be socially acceptable. He believes that Covid-19 has been an excuse to bring persecution to our religious freedoms.

Small Business & Technology
As an entrepreneur, Niel J. Petersen understands the demands and importance of small businesses! In 2007, Petersen and his business partner launched a successful online book retail company. In 2012, Petersen switched focus to found, ChurchLink, a mobile app company for churches. In September of 2012, their first mobile app went live on the App Store and Google Play. The app company built high-functioning mobile apps for churches and other nonprofits. ChurchLink became an industry leader with a worldwide reach. Petersen bootstrapped his app development team and successfully built one of the largest mobile app platforms for churches. He sold the company in 2018 to pursue full-time ministry. Niel will leverage his passion and experience with small business and technology to make Ohio a hot spot in the nation for emerging technologies.

In 2000, Niel J. Petersen joined the Army Reserves as a Combat Engineer. In 2003 Sgt. Niel J. Petersen was deployed to Iraq with the 478th Engineer Battalion out of Fort Thomas to serve in “Operation Iraqi Freedom”.

He proudly served his military and was honorably discharged after fulfilling his six-year enlistment. This time in his life created a deep sense of love for our nation, and he stands strongly beside our military, police, firefighters, the medical community, and all those who serve our nation.

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