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issue 1 is a Constitutional Amendment putting abortion of a child up to 9 months old and it strips parental rights permanently in Ohio!

What is Ohio Issue 1?

Ohio Issue 1 has been the talk of the town, but what does it truly mean for the residents of Ohio? This video breaks down the proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution, delving deep into its nuances and potential impacts. Every word in a constitutional amendment carries weight. With this proposed change, many questions arise, ranging from its effect on reproductive decisions to the consequences on existing laws. Get all your questions answered as we analyze the language, implications, and debates surrounding this pivotal amendment. Before you cast your vote on Issue 1, equip yourself with the facts.


Ohio women need to reject the abortion industry’s dangerous Issue 1 proposal, which would outlaw basic health and safety protections for women, eliminate parental notification and consent laws that protect minor girls, and allow painful abortions up until birth in our state.



The proposed amendment states that abortion “may be prohibited after fetal viability.” Note: the words do not say “shall be prohibited.” So this action may or may not be attempted by the Legislature at some future point. However, the amendment continues by declaring that “in no case” may an abortion be prohibited if, in the judgment of the treating physician, the abortion is deemed necessary based on the criteria of the patient’s life or health. The meaning of “health” is left wholly undefined.

Meaning: Any law the Legislature attempts to pass protecting a viable unborn child can be disregarded by an abortion provider by simply stating the abortion was necessary for any interpretation of the word “health.”

This power to determine viability is further expanded in the amendment. The attending physician is given sole authority to determine if the unborn “fetus” can survive “with reasonable measures… on a case by case basis.” The words “reasonable measures” are left wholly undefined and left solely in the subjective authority of the attending abortion provider.

The Legislature is banned by this amendment from attempting to protect the life of a viable child. This proposed amendment transfers the legal authority to determine viability solely to the treating physician “on a case-by-case basis.”

The State (including local and municipal authorities) are all banned from any form of interference with any “person or entity that assists an individual exercising this right” of reproductive decisions.

So, in addition to transferring all authority over the question of viability to the treating physician, this amendment provides full legal protection to abortion providers for whatever decisions they make regarding the abortion of a viable child.


The ACLU has unequivocally declared war on parental rights in Ohio, telling local media this week that existing parental consent and notification laws in Ohio “should not be enforced” if the abortion industry succeeds in passing its anti-parent ballot initiative later this fall.

ACLU of Ohio attorney Jessie Hill recently admitted that passage of the dangerous constitutional amendment proposed by the ACLU, abortion industry insiders, and their out-of-state allies “would mean that laws that conflict with it cannot be enforced, should not be enforced.”
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